Early Start, Work/School Visits, My Intern, Market Street

Since my last post, I have been hard at work! We started a 4:30 AM show at the end of January, so I am now on air from 4:30 AM to 8 AM and then the noon show. Despite starting even earlier, I do love the morning shift for some reason!

WCBI also got a new Chief Meteorologist in Keith Gibson. He comes to us from South Dakota in hopes to get far away from snow. His efforts have been successful thus far!

I have also worked with Jake Reed, a senior at Mississippi State, this year. He is now at a point where he is doing some fill-in work for us. I am very proud of him!

I have of course been doing some school talks and weekly First Time Forecaster segments this year. My mom and grandparents also came down to the station one day to watch a noon show and then take me out to lunch. Great day!

Finally, Market Street Festival in Downtown Columbus went on the first weekend in May. I again was able to introduce some bands. Fun, hot weekend!


100+ Degree Days!

This is my last day to fill-in as Jason will be returning from vacation later today.  Enjoy!

Sizzlin’ Steamy Summer

I had a great week filling in as the 12 o’clock weatherman at WCBI.  Jason will still be gone Monday, so if you missed seeing me on TV this week, you can tune in Monday at noon to CBS to see your favorite weatherman (me)!

Don’t forget to sign my guestbook after you watch!

Stay cool!!

Get Ready For Some Heat!

Juicy Day

Juicy as in humid, and juicy as in scattered showers and storms. I felt very comfortable being at WCBI alone today and think my weathercasts went well. A couple of words were brought to my attention that I said with a southern accent. I guess 2 out of 200 words isn’t bad. Ha. I wore a fun tie today. Webcast is below!

Don’t stay outside too long during those peak heating hours!

Increased Rain Chances For Today

Today was Day 1 of 5 for filling in on live TV for Jason this week. There were a few things that happened that were out of my control, so for the most part, I was pleased. It just felt different being there by myself. I am still very much looking forward to the rest of the week! Tune in at 12 to watch! Here is today’s webcast:

Have a great day!!

Get Fit Friday!

Today’s segment focused on the back, and I was once again the model for the exercises.  Again, it was about form–not weight! Ha.  Don’t forget to sign my guestbook when you’re done watching and check out my sister’s blog from her internship in Charlotte!

Don’t forget that I will be filling in all next week at WCBI.  Tune in at noon to watch your favorite weatherman (me)!

Hot and Dry Continue

This is a view from the roof of WCBI. Look for similar sky conditions throughout the day.

We are still under the influence of a heat ridge that is allowing temperatures to rise well into the 90s.  Humidity is down a hair from yesterday, but heat indices will still average over 100 degrees.  Fittingly, many counties are under a heat advisory until Friday evening.

Expect mostly sunny skies today with a south breeze about 5-10 mph.  Overnight lows look to bottom out in the middle 70s–giving some relief from the daytime heat.

As today looks to be a degree or two warmer than yesterday, Friday is shaping up to be a notch hotter than today.  It ‘s not out of the question to say that some thermometers may read 100 degrees tomorrow.

Even though Saturday is the official start to the “Dog Days” of summer, daytime highs should drop into the middle 90s beginning Sunday.  We are monitoring a tropical wave that is making its way towards the Gulf of Mexico.  As it approaches,  cloud cover looks to increase as well as rain chances for the beginning of next week.

I will be the fill-in meteorologist today for the noon show (Midday) at WCBI as well as every day next week.  Be sure to tune into CBS at 12 o’clock to see your favorite weatherman (me)!

My Workout Segment on WCBI!

Every Friday, Jason hosts a segment on WCBI News Sunrise with fitness guru Beth Jeffers, owner of Fitness Factor in Columbus.  Jason asked if I wanted to be the model for the segment this particular show, so I decided that it was to my benefit–a free workout with a personal trainer who has been in this business for many years!

Now let me tell you, we didn’t load up the weight.  We just wanted to get the technique down so viewers at home would understand the proper form.  All of you know I am one of the strongest guys around, so I could have used a lot heavier weights. ;)

We also filmed the segment for next week as well.  Tune in to WCBI (your CBS station) at 6:45 AM next Friday the 23rd, or check on http://weatherwill.com later that morning!

Have a great day, and don’t forget to sign my guestbook if you never have! :)

Hottest Temperatures of 2010!

Don’t forget to check out my sister’s blog at http://aksimmons.blogspot.com/ to see how her internship in Charlotte is going!  She’s there throughout July and part of August.

Don’t be outside too long at one time today!

Check back in tomorrow, as I will be the MODEL ;) for a the Get Fit fitness segment–demonstrating different exercises.  It will air around 6:50 AM on WCBI (CBS), but I should be able to post it on here by the afternoon.

Stay cool!